ABOUT Thai Taffeta

ABOUT Thai Taffeta

Established 1987 located in Map Ta Phut industrial zone

1989 started manufacture of nylon yarn using advanced tech from Switzerland and  Germany.

1990 we manufactured around 50 mil yards as a yearly capacity for customers and  global brands around the world

1998 DURATEX our super high strength nylon with extra durability and high abrasion  was developed for military and outdoor industry.

2000 collaborate with DYSTAR to develop the reflective hi-visibility fabric for workwear  under the certification of EN ISO 20471 and ANSI 107

2002 we captured around 80% of hi-vis fabric global demand

2005 we evlove the hi stretch polyester with texturized yarn and the weaving technique for global  sportwear brands

2009 we developed UL fabric for lifesaving equipment for North America market

2010 developed recycled hi stretch polyester fabric from PET bottles for WORLD CUP event.

2012 developed clern room fabric for electronic, food and healthcare industries adding anti static and  anti bacteria property

2017 Launched SKONI microfiber allergy guard mattress cover certified by Siriraj allergy division

Supply International sport we are brand to a high performance fabric use in cleanroom.

 2019 t-zero has been launched to communicate on the recycled fabric worked  with B2B for corporate upcycling products and connect with the local  community to support and building the circular community

2020 we launched z-safe reusable mask and reusable PPE during the pandemic,  it created the awareness of B2C 0n textile tech and sustainable aspect of  upcycling product from rPET

2020 we also launched urban_bk to capture the consumer market with the same  tech of PPE for healthcare industry to travel gear for urban commuter